What is self-harm?
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Who Self-Harms?

Tissue on wristIn any circumstance, it is difficult, if not impossible, to categorise people into groups according to their characteristics , and this goes for "the type" of people who injure themselves. There is a wide variety of people who self-injure although several factors have been described as common in the backgrounds of those who repeatedly harm themselves.

These factors include : -

  • Childhood, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Violence at home
  • Stormy parental relations or broken homes
  • Loss of parent through death or divorce
  • Lack of emotional warmth (neglect)
  • Illness resulting in hospitalisation during early childhood
  • Parental depression or alcoholism
  • Confinement in residential institution

Girl hides face In response to the question of "who is likely to harm themselves?", a general answer would be that although certain characteristics may be common, it is impossible to say that one person is more likely to self-harm than another because people respond to different situations in different ways.

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